I just finished work and I’m reminding everyone invited to the wedding that 2:00 PM today, it’s me and Jeremy’s wedding. I texted Janelle but she haven’t replied. I’m just hoping she will attend the wedding later.



I went to the local salon for a makeover and to rent out a wedding outfit. I tried to borrow some wedding outfit from one of my cousins but they look like a halloween costume that found their way to their regular rotation. This day is also my Birthday so I’m aging up to an adult.


I arrived at the place where we are about to be wed. I feel great about myself. I don’t look like a grandma anymore.



Jeremy greeted me and exchanged formalities.

“You look gorgeous Sharmaine”

“Thanks Jeremy! You look cute too on your formal wear.”


I don’t know why Jeremy chose the public pool to be our wedding place. It’s not romantic and all and alot of sims here are on their swimsuits or their birthday suits. But I don’t care about that, all I care about that I’m getting married!



I looked at all the guests and their bright shiny eyes are all looking at us.


One of them are in their swimsuits. One of them was the burglar who robbed my house and one of them is my boss at work. To my surprise, the Altos and Janelle weren’t there. It made me abit sad.



I try to ignore Janelle’s absence because it’s making me depressed. We exchanged rings and vows.



From now on, Jeremy is now named Jeremy Sears-Alaska. He chose to honor his name because that is a reminder of his fame. Oh yeah, he quit his acting job to work at the sports arena.



Jeremy’s parents surprised me at home. They actually renovated it! It’s totally much better than the crap shack I used to call home. This house… It’s decent, a bit roomy. Perfect for a starting home! And they bought us a car!


Me and Jeremy had been waiting for this. I think it’s just the right thing to do “IT” after our wedding. It’s what our parents wanted us to do and it is the right thing after all.


I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked at the mirror and plumbob! I looked old. My tummy rumbled and I feel like I’m about to throw up.


I threw up until the toilet is filthy and couldn’t handle it anymore. I also feel week at the moment and couldn’t really stand up for a long period of time.



I stayed at the bed all weekday. Jeremy called my boss and requests a vacation which was granted. Then, he called the doctor and explained the symptoms of my illness. The result….



I’M PREGNANT! Thank Plumbob!


Being pregnant is no joke. I dragged Jeremy to the public library and started reading these pregnancy books.


Just then, an unexpected phone call from Janelle.




He took the ring and with a smile on his face, he said yes. I wanted to have only a private wedding because a wedding is too costly and I’m short on money. Heck, I can’t even afford a shower! But Jeremy insisted, since he’s an actor and all money is no problem to him.


This night is just perfect. After tomorrow’s work, I’m going to the salon and change my look. It’s nearing my birthday also. I’m nearing my adulthood. Just like what my mom would want I would marry by the age of an adult. I believe it’s the right thing to do.


Apparently, when I was away a burglar broke into my house. Good thing my neighbor called me on my cellphone so I can call the police right away.


Before I go to work, I have to interview Nick Alto first. He’s a friend. Well, not really.



I got quite some trash to blog about Nick Alto. The last thing I wanted is another enemy. I wrote a negative review about Vita Alto weeks ago and what she did and said to me wasn’t pretty. I told Nick and Vita about my wedding and they insisted to come. I’m Ok with Nick but I don’t know about Vita. She seems Evil. And not Cartoon Evil. For real Evil!



I feel so stressed out from working so hard at my job lately. I have been accepting one opportunity to another. I am currently writing a book also. It’s my second book and it’s a Sci-Fi. It’s entitled Crazy’s World.  Even though I’m technophobic I still need to earn a living right? Most nights I don’t even sleep anymore because I’m at the public library. I can’t afford a computer at the moment.




But despite all that I got my well deserved promotion and a raise. And I’m also meeting Jeremy for dinner later! I’m so excited!



Jeremy and I met at the Bistro and I treated him to dinner again. It’s just a mini celebration because I got promoted and Jeremy landed a role on a film.



That evening was perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better man who is going to be life partner. His beautiful eyes met mine and he told me that he loves me. Yeah I know this is mushy stuff but I don’t care. I finally found a guy who loves me! And I was blinded all these years and I never thought that my old roommate will still be my roommate and more If know what I’m saying.



I kissed him on the lips and he kissed me back. What did I feel? Fireworks! I knew that he was the one. He is the perfect guy for me. Even though I met him through speed dating I don’t care! I found love!



Then I got down on one knee and I took a box from my pocket. I try to ignore that paparazzi that was all over us. I’d expect that my face will be all over the news or internet after this.



I opened the box and of course a wedding ring was there. I, a woman, proposed to a man. How cliche was that? My heart was beating. I hope that he will say yes. Otherwise I will be heartbroken and I will be a laughing stock of the town.



I couldn’t read his face. His eyes grew big and I can see him shaking. One answer and my life will change alot.



“Tell me again why you brought me to Central Park?”


“Oh c’mon Sharmaine! Don’t be such a phoebe! This is speed dating! I’m sure you’ll find your perfect match here!”


“Uh… Is this the way you found your husband Janelle?”


“Oh Sharmaine! You’re so funny! No of course! I met him through friends like a normal sim! Now go meet some exciting lonely er..uh..worthy bachelors! I have other things to do! See ya! Have fun!”



Confused? I would be surprised if you weren’t. I’m Sharmaine Alaska, my twin sister Janelle forced me to join this crazy speed dating. I’m not desperate and all but I don’t want to die alone. You see, I dated a guy before, but Janelle disprove so she kicked me out of her apartment. So now, I’m on my own. I was so lucky to buy a very cheap house. However, I have yet to land a job. I didn’t finish college so I bet job opportunities are limited. But for now, let’s just get this over with.


I was just walking around looking for potential guys for Janelle to approve when suddenly a familiar voice called me.



It was my old roommate from Sunset Valley State University, Jeremy. He was a silent-type guy. Nice guy. I was surprised to see him in an event like this. He looked so charming he should have landed a pretty girl years ago.


“Jeremy? What are you doing here?” I said surprisingly.

“Oh Sharmaine, How are you? Gee, I was just dragged here by my older brother because I couldn’t find a girlfriend yet.”

“Really? Well, I feel the same way!”

“I really can’t believe someone can find a person in a dump like this!”

“I know right! Listen, it’s about Lunch time. Would you like to join me for lunch Jeremy?”

“I’d be delighted!”


I just remembered I only have $50 left! So I am now officially bankrupt unless I get a job. But I hated the thought that I have to leave Jeremy since he’s starting to grow on me.



“Jeremy! I forgot I have an important appointment! I have to go, sorry to leave you like this!” I said.

“Aww well, call or text me? You got my number right?”

“Yeah I do” Well, see ya!”