I just got a raise and a promotion this week. I feel like I had accomplished so many this past few weeks. Me and Julie had been busting ourselves off to pay the rent, bills and other necessities. But with our promotion and raises this past few weeks, we are not struggling to make ends meet. Finally, things started to fall into place.


When I came back home, Julie was at her room. But someone else in on the couch.


 He looks familiar. When I looked at his face I remember him. He was the one whom I met at the dance club weeks ago. Is he a bum?


 I asked Julie who the guy is. “Julie, who is the creepy guy sleeping at the couch?” I asked.

“Caite! Shhh! He’s my cousin! He was visiting me from Bridgeport!” Julie replied.

I felt stupid calling Julie’s cousin creepy but hey, I didn’t know him.

“Well? What’s his name?” I asked Julie.

“He’s name is Greg Henderson” answered Julie. “He just arrived weeks ago and he was staying at my mom’s house this past week. He said he wanted to crash in our house for the moment. Is that Ok with you?”

“Well, what choice do I have Julie? So, will he be staying in the living room?” I asked.

“No. I bought a Queen Sized bed and put it in your room. If you don’t mind, He’ll be sleeping in your room with you.” Julie said.



 So this like the most awkward event of the day. Greg and I was left alone after he woke up from his nap. Julie went to shop for groceries so I was stuck at home keeping Greg company. I was watching a romance movie and Greg joined me. Greg recognized me from the club. He scoot right next to me.


 I turned my head to his direction to break the ice. I think he was going to whisper me something so our lips was accidentally met each other.

“Uhhh.. Uhh..” I said nervously. I was so red and I try to avoid eye contact with him.

“That was great! Ready for another SPECIAL round?” Greg said.

We both went to my room and continued what we had on our new bed. I heard Julie came to the door but I was too busy savoring the moment.


 At midnight, I went to get a snack. I smell smoke from the kitchen so I came in. I saw fire! and Julie was struggling to put it out! I called the firefighters but  they are late always! Me and Greg helped Julie put out the house fire and was successfully put out with no harm except our furnitures. So we bought new furniture and we are back to square one.


 After Julie prepared a midnight snack, she served it to us and ate it. But after eating it I went to the bathroom and started to barf. I think there is something totally wrong with Julie’s food.