It was our first day at work for both me and Julie. She works at the Journalism career, while I will work at the Politics career.


I met my boss and her name was Natasha Ross. She encouraged me to take up Charisma Class which I did after work.


After Charisma Class I called Julie and invited her to have some fun at the club near us. She didn’t want to join me because she was loaded and she needed to refine her writing skills in order to get promoted. I admit I’m a bit of a Workaholic myself too but I need some fun.


I saw someone dancing alone on the far end of the club so I joined him.He looks decent and very gentlemen-like so I approached him.


After some dancing, I kinda made a move that is too fast for him. I danced with him slowly.


He refused and ran away. I was so heart broken. I guess I’m not meant to have a partner.