An ordinary night in the beautiful town of Sunset Valley. The lighthouse standing proud on a small isle guarding the tranquil see with it’s vibrant light. The night sky embracing the land with the stars sparkling with an ever elegant glow.


My name is Caitlin Alaska. Daughter of Well-known Author, Sharmaine Alaska and Athlete, Jeremy Alaska. I’m just your ordinary Young Adult starting out a life and trying to be independent. I have the most beautiful Sandy-colored hair you’ll ever see which sparkles when the sun shines on it. Fierce gray eyes and perfect skin tone. In short. I’m the most beautiful sim evah!Gosh, I guess I inherited mom’s brilliant use of words! I never knew I can be a poet! So anyway, I just move out from my parent’s house and moved in to an acquaintance’s house.


Her name is Julie Haynes. She has chocolate brown messy hair that I think flees are infesting it. Thick glasses that covers her ugly brown eyes and a horrible fashion sense. Don’t tell her I said that. Anyway, we just met hmm.. let’s see… 10 mins. ago? When Aunt Janelle called the local agency for a house needing a bed spacer and Julie was the only one available. She was just at the same age as I was so I agreed. She looked dorky in someway but I can live with that.

We exchanged formalities when we finally met.

“Hi! You must be Caitlin!”

“Duh! and I assume your Julia?”


“Oh right! Listen, I don’t have the energy to talk right now. You got some extra bed in your place?”

“Sure I do! Come in! Make yourself at home!”


I went to the room next to Julie’s. As I was laying down the neatly made bed, I thought about my mom who is probably worried sick about me. She is still treating me like a little kid I hated it! But deep down I like it a bit because they were treating me like a princess until my teen years ended. I thought about my dad who inspires me alot on following my dreams. Then I thought about my brother. I can’t believe I left them already. A teardrop dropped from my eyes then I closed my eyes and fallen into a deep slumber.


I woke up feeling great because I had a very nice dream about my parents. After I got myself cleaned up I went into Julie’s room and I saw her in the computer. Her eyes were so focused on the screen and she didn’t even look at me when I greeted her.

“Good Morning Julia!” I greeted.

“It’s Julie!” she said, here eyes still focused on the screen.

“What are you doing deary? It’s a beautiful day out!”

“I’m on The Seems 3 forums! Haven’t you heard of it? I’m chatting with my internet friends at the moment”

“Huh..I think you need some Real friends Julie.”

“I do have real friends!”

“Oh yeah? What are their names?”


“Me? We’re friends?Listen, I have an idea. We should go to the Dance Club near the stadium.”

“What for?”

“Oh, let’s just say I want to have some fun.”


That afternoon, we went to the Dance Club.


Julie entered the room with an uneasy look in her eyes.

“Why is it so dark here? The laser lights hurt my eyes too!” she complained.

“It’s  called fun darling. Loosen up a bit will ya?Here, have a drink hon.” I said as I handed her a drink I ordered.


“What is this catastrophic concoction? It’s sparkling! It’s not gonna explode is it?” She asked.

“Oh I don’t think It won’t”

She took a small sip and her head went back to me.

“Hey! Tastes great!” She said as she vacuumed up her drink.


I felt happy for her finally having fun away from the computer. As the speakers play techno music I claimed the dance floor as my own.

I shouted at Julie “Julie! Dance! C’mon!”



“Oh no thanks Caite! I’m enjoying already! I’ll just be here in the corner drinking this lovely juice” She said.

“Oh all right well, have fun!” I replied.

“Look! Caite! A handsome guy! Aren’t you looking for one!” She shouted.

“SHHHH!! Be Quiet!!” I angrily replied to Julie.


The man whom Julie pointed approached me who asked me If I wanted to dance with him. I accepted his request and gladly held his hand a broke the dance floor.


As we continued dancing. He whispered something on my ear. He whispered to me, “Jack Peppers. Adult. 26 North Valley Street. Woohoo for $100,000 ?” After he whispered his message to me he winked at me suggestively. I was absolutely disgusted. All the colors on me were pale. He approached me for a peck on the cheek but I slapped him and ran off.


Julie saw me running. She was on top of a table and dancing.

She said to me in a queasy and uneasy tone of voice. “Hey *burps* Where are you going Caite?” she burps again after pronouncing my name.


“Let’s get out of here Julie! There’s a pervert around here! I don’t go well with perverts!” I grabbed Julia’s arm and rushed to the exit. We called a cab immidietly before that horrible man can catch up to us.


“Sir floor it please! 19 Maywood Glenn please!”

“Well that was an unproductive night wasn’t it Julie?” I said to Julie but she was leaning on the window and snoring. I try to take off the horrible man in my mind by thinking about my mom and dad but the thought keep coming. Why is it haunting me so?


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