We’re finally back from our job trip from France. Yes, we’ve decided to extend for a bit. We’ve just arrived in time for Caitlin and Dustin’s birthday. Well, Dustin is still a day away but we wanted to celebrate the birthdays together.



When we arrived home, the first thing I saw was Janelle! She looks like she’s ready to burst out the house.

“You’re here! Great! So See ya!” She said. She really has messed up hair, eyebags and her glasses are crooked. Her clothes are messy, full of milk and barf and her eyes keep twitching.

“Hold on a moment Janelle! It’s Caitlin and Dustin’s birthday today! You should stay here for a while”.

“Caitlin’s birthday! Good Good! Cake!” When she heard Caitlin’s name I felt like she was a bit afraid. I’m not sure why.



I went to Caitlin’s room. It was a bit dark I don’t know why. She hurriedly gave me a big, tight hug.

“I miss you mommy! Auntie Janelle was a terror! She won’t let me eat Cake!” She said.

“Is that so? Let’s talk about that later hon! C’mon, where’s Dustin?” I asked.

“Oh he’s in his room being his own goofy self”.


I went to Dustin’s room and brought him out. I hugged him tightly and showed him his cake.


“Enough with the mushy stuff! Hurry up and blow the cake so I can get out of this horrible house!” Janelle said angrily.

“Just stay put Janelle! In the mean time just pretend to be happy! You don’t want to get Caitlin on your bad side” I said.

“Ugh! I know how it feels” She said and  rolled her eye. She stopped whining when she saw Caitlin.


Caitlin began staring at the cake in awe. She blew off her candles. By the time the last candle was blown I can now see that Caitlin is no longer the little princess that I always see…



She is now a little woman whose world just got a lot bigger. She rolled in the Workaholic trait.


By the time Caitlin grew into a teenager, Dustin, with his eyes glowing kissed me on the cheek and, with a little assistance by me, blew the candles off his birthday cake.


After Dustin blew his candle He grew up into a fine looking lad.


Dustin rolled in the Evil trait.


Now that all of our children can be independent in some ways I feel like I passed on a responsibility on someone.



But whom?


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