I recieved a call from my boss. He wants me to go to France and deliver a book and interview some of the locals. I always wanted to go to France but I have a problem. No one will take care of the kids! Jeremy will leave for France with me too and Dustin is still too young to come along.

I don’t want to call those pesky baby sitters because they don’t do their job well. So I called the only available person I know.


“What do you want Shar?”

“Janelle! I need you to come. NOW!”

“What do you want Shar?” Janelle said.

“Come In Janelle”

When, Janelle came inside our house she sat on the couch not minding my husband. Caitlin sat beside me and glared harshly on Janelle before turning on the TV . There was an awkward silence at first.

But Janelle broke the silence.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“Whatever happen to Hi? Anyway, me and Jeremy are going to France for a month. I was wondering if you could stay here and watch the kids?”

“What?! Why me? Can’t you just hire a babysitter or something? When are you leaving anyway?”

“We’re leaving this evening Janelle! You can’t say no! Or I’ll tell mom you’re not capable of being a mother!”





The one thing you should know about me is that I absolutely dislike children! I don’t want to marry, I don’t want kids. I just want to commit myself to myself! There’s nothing wrong with that right? Or Am I just being selfish? Now that I was forced to take care of Shar’s kids for an undetermined time (She said she will be in France for a month but France is such a beautiful place I would be a fool not to take advantage of that opportunity) I now strongly agree with my beliefs.


That pesky little toddler keeps crying, I dunno what he wants I keep making him a bottle, changing his diaper. If I could only read his mind I think he will be like “I’m cold, I’m itchy, Where’s Mommy?” and all that crap. Caitlin on the other hand is very quiet. Or so I thought. I think she is silently judging me.

“Auntie Janine!” She called.

She pronounced my name wrong and I get pissed when someone dosen’t call my name right. I tried to talk sweetly to her.

“It’s Auntie Janelle sweetie. So what the hell do you want?!” I said. I know that came out wrong and I know I shouldn’t be swearing in front of a child.”

“How old are you Auntie Janelle?” She asked. I also don’t want people finding out about my age. They say age is just a number but I don’t believe those BS.

I replied to her by saying “Oh, I’ll tell you how old I am when you tell me yours m’kay?”.

“I’m 7, so how old are you?! 70?!”

I couldn’t reply with that. So I just naturally told her some random stuff like, “Oh look at the time! You should get yourself dinner hon!”

“Great Idea for a pea brain like yours Auntie! I want Cake!”

“Oh No No No! Your mom said you won’t have any cake til they return”.


Caitlin got out of her chair and approached me with those piercing grey eyes and her foot stomping.

“Hey look Lady, who do you think you are? I want cake you give me cake! That’s the way it works around here! Now I WANT CAKE! I WANT CAKE! Don’t make me call mom!” She said.


“Look just do whatever you want and don’t bother me again kid! Just go eat some crap from your garbage can alright?!”


“That’s what I want to hear ! Cuz’ I’m the Princess from this house! Call me Princess Caitlin okay!” She said as she dug her ungrateful mouth to that cake.


I went to check on Dustin and he was playing his toy xylophone. Kinda admit he was kinda cute. Makes me wonder if I should settle to and start a family. But all that changed when I heard that brat Caitlin calling for my assistance again so she can make my life easy as she so put it.


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