Caitlin is a hungry little toddler. She likes to eat all the time. She sure is a tough lil toddler to raise. Espescially that we are on a tight budget. Jeremy was demoted from his job. And I haven’t been on my job too because I’m on maternity leave.



Even though it’s hard to be a mother, I feel like I’m the luckiest woman in the world because I have a family. I really like to stuck my face out of those child-less couples and say “Hey look! I have a daughter so boo on you! “. I always wanted kids, start a family you know and continue on my legacy.


If Caitlin wasn’t eating, she would play. She likes to play her toy xylophone. Maybe she wants to be a musician one day? Well, as long as she fullfills her dream I’ll be happy for her and will support her all the way.


I’ve been throwing up all over again. I think I’m pregnant again? I dunno. But It would be nice to have another child.



After work. Oh Joy! I’m preggie! I wished for another girl but Jeremy wanted a boy now. Well, I guess I have another maternity leave. It’s almost like I never wanted to go to work again!



When I got home Jeremy was overjoyed when he learned that I’m pregnant.

“Shar that’s so amazing! We’re gonna have another baby!”

“I know! I feel so blessed to have another baby on the way!”

“Yeah! The Alaska family just got alot bigger!”


As the days go by when I learned about my pregnancy, Caitlin’s birthday hits the calendar. She no longer will be the helpless little toddler who likes to eat, she will grow up into the little lady that I always envisioned.



My wittle Lady Caitlin grew into a promising young child! She rolled in the Grumpy trait. We celebrated her birthday with just us, We ate some cake, played some games. It was a bit fun.



Just after the party I went into labor again. I felt that I’m gonna be to old for this caring for another baby since I am nearing being an elder and all. But I know that I’m a good mother so I’ll keep on truckin’ (Is truckin’ even a real word? )


Another blessing came in the Alaska Household. We were blessed by a baby boy. We named him Dustin. He looks alot like me I was happy about that!


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